The Body Mind Bridge Using Somatic Techniques to Deepen Psychotherapy with Children

What: This six hour course will provide you with concrete Somatic Practices to add to your therapeutic work with children. We will address the use of body based practices to assist treatment in the areas of self regulation, anxiety, shame and communication.

Together we will practice interventions, use case studies as a means to understand the material in a clinical way and explore some of the developmental needs that can be addressed by somatic interventions.

Goals of this workshop include

  • Learn strategies for connecting with children and building a therapeutic alliance
  • Introduce and practice using breath as a resource with children
  • Learn and Practice interventions for helping children regulate their nervous systems (great for working with anxiety)
  • Practice interventions for moving anger in the body
  • Learn interventions for helping break down the disconnect that can happen when children feel shame or embarrassment
  • Practice boundary exercises to help children understand their own boundaries

When: August 5th 2017 9:00am-4:00pm      

Location: Wellness Center of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa

Cost: $130 before July 5, 2017. $150 after (Rate for students/interns $100)
6 CEU units included

For More Information or to Register: Contact Emily Morrison MFT #49259 at
707-478-5497 or

Emily Morrison is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Santa Rosa. She has spent years working with children and adults utilizing the body mind connection as a way to deepen healing. To learn more about her practice you can go to

—————————————————————————————————————————————CEU’s provided by Kitty Chelton MFT, PCE #021263
Certificates awarded in person at the completion of the workshop. Kitty Chelton (PCE#021263) is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education units for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs &/or LEPs. Kitty maintains responsibility for this program/course and its content. 

Full Refunds with 30 day notice, full refund minus 15% with less than 30days notice up to the day prior to workshop

For questions, disability requirements or other issues please call Kitty 707-823-8203 or Emily 707-478-5497

For Grievances contact Kitty at 707-823-8203 and a form will be provided asking what the complaint is and what your desired resolution would be. Kitty will discuss the complaint by phone or in person whichever is preferred until a resolution is reached.

Restorative Yoga with Tara

Nurturing Nights: Restorative Yoga

Every Tuesday starting May 2nd   6-7:30pm

This class is a deeply therapeutic and rejuvenating session of yoga that is accessible and beneficial for every type of student. Essential oils & various gentle, prop-supported poses will be offered to promote self-healing and whole-body wellness. Truly an elixir for whatever ails you!    $15 Contact Tara today

Top 5 Essential Oils for Sleep

Are you tired and not sleeping through the night. I’ve gone through many sleepless nights, especially when my babies were infants. I learned tools to help myself go to sleep and stay asleep!

There is no tired like a exhausted mom, just like there is nothing more important to keeping our bodies in check than SLEEP. If we aren’t getting adequate sleep and rest our bodies begin to shut down. Even if you aren’t a mama, sleep allows our bodies and mind to recharge and gives us the downtime that we need for balancing our bodies.

We often find ourselves caught in what seems like a lose-lose situation – mamas need sleep, but the family needs the mamas.

How can essential oils help to support your sleep?

Let me introduce you to my favorites for your family…


doTERRA SERENITY– The essential oils in this must-have blend were meticulously chosen to Essential Oils for Sleeplessen feelings of tension, calm emotions, and leave a peaceful feeling. Serenity is the perfect blend to diffuse at bedtime for a restful night’s sleep, to calm a restless baby or child, or to help reduce the worry and stress so many of us feel. Add this oil to your petal or aromalite diffuser at night. You can also put a drop in your hand if you wake up in them middle of the night.

LAVENDER offers a light floral scent with calming esters that whisk the body and mind into tranquility. Massage it into your pulse points and the bottoms of your feet, diffuse, or take an Epsom salt bath before bedtime to release tension and promote peace and calm. Safe for babies from 6 mos of age when diluted to adults, Lavender is the best first line of defense against insomnia. Use the doTERRA TOUCH oil for your kids under six years old. You can roll along the spine or on the bottoms of the feet.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE provides full body relaxation and enhances drowsiness to allow the body to wind down. Simply inhaling it decreases stress and increases calm. Safe for babies from 6 mos of age when diluted to adults, Roman Chamomile works well when applied to pulse points, diffused, or in an Epsom Salt bath before bedtime. Adults can put one to two drops and massage on the big toes which is your pineal gland pressure point.

VETIVER enables the body to find calm and grounds the emotions to allow for relaxation. When applied before bedtime, it can calm the nervous system and support the immune system as well while ridding you of unwanted anxiety and stress. Safe for kiddos when diluted but usually reserved for teens and adults due to its deep, rich, exotic aroma that some children may not enjoy. This is one plant that instantly makes me calm. I leave vetiver by my bed side so that I can put one drop on my temples or in the palm of my hands and hold my thumbs which are the brain pressure point. 

CEDARWOOD – I love this oil in my kids diffuser. It is a calming woody scent that reminds me of relaxing in the woods.  I rub 1-2 drops on the bottoms of my feet before bedtime for a solid night’s sleep. Cedarwood has a calming and soothing effect on the mind. Add two drops of cedarwood and lavender for a restful sleep.

How about a little BONUS?

Here are 3 Tips for using these oils with your family >>

Roman Chamomile and Lavender diluted and layered help to prevent and ease temper tantrums.

Vetiver has been found effective at supporting focus for kids and adults with over active mind or high energy.

– Diffusing three of these oils together creates a powerful relaxation blend to combat insomnia.

Did you know that every essential oil has multiple uses to help to support your health and wellness?

What if I told you that you could use these oils to make safe, all-natural personal care products for your family?

Would you be more interested if I told you these products cost only a fraction of what you may be paying for specialty products and will work even better?

If you would like a wellness consult please contact me so we can get you back to sleep.

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Best of all, you get access to our webinars and live classes and consistent access to me through our active Facebook page, and this will allow you to continue learning how to best use essential oils for you and your entire family! 

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women groceries

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