Your Body Never Lies”: a body language training that can increase our intuitive

The “Your Body Never Lies” (YBNL) Free Intro is a demonstration that shows how intuitive information is gleaned from our inner body language. In this 2-hour free presentation, participants will gain tools to better read others’ body language, and to listen to their own. You are encouraged to bring your questions.

In this short talk and exposition, we will see the correlation between our inner voice and our external body language. YBNL facilitators use this information to identify and release energetic blocks in the body.

Through subtle body language adjustments, volunteers may get to experience a quieter inner voice and an increased sense of connection – the precursors to an expanded intuition.

These transformative results can happen in minutes, and sometimes in just seconds. The outcome of this mini-workshop is an upgraded, grounded sense of connection, both to our intuition and to the world outside of ourselves. Brian is a workshop facilitator, author and personal trainer who specializes in increasing access to intuition. After 25+ years of research and study with masters from the East and West, Brian practiced and refined his work at Harbin Hot Springs until the Valley Fire of 2015. Now based in Sonoma County, Your Body Never Lies offers methods and techniques to let go, and Be Here Now.

Private training sessions with Brian are available following the intro around 4pm. To book a session, please contact Rose at [masked] or[masked]-2325. They are usually 15-20 minute sessions and are $100 Your Body Never Lies website…

Monthly Healer’s Clinic

We at Sonoma County Wellness Center are offering a monthly community healing clinic to provide skilled treatment and integrative support at a discounted cost. Sign up here on eventbrite.
The Clinic begins with a FREE 90 minute gentle yoga class from 10-11:30 and is followed by specialized healing treatments of your choice.
One to One sessions will be offered from 12-4pm.
Select one or more of our 50-minute healing session from one of our skilled practitioners in the following modalities:
Craniosacral Therapy and Nervous System Support with Blythe Massey, BCST
Acupuncture with Sarah Tae, LAc.
Transformational healing with the Vibrasound and Veronica Bach
Pain relief, Mobility and Postural allignment Physical Therapy with Jennie Bakondi, DPT
Reiki and Hypnotherapy– Christine Engblom, CCHT
Nutrition Assessment and Counseling with Kristin Wood RDN
Aromatouch Hand and foot Massage & Reiki with Shawna McEwen
Access Bars with Monica Bravo
The Yoga class and all sessions will be held at the The Sonoma County Wellness Center, a quiet community setting in North Santa Rosa near the airport.
Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out an intake form and check in with your practitioner(s).
Donation based Sliding scale: $25-$50, based on need. (All sessions are 50 minutes regardless of price choice).

Please respect our 24-hour cancellation policy, as someone else will benefit from a session if you are unable to make it.
When booking your tickets select one ticket for the yoga class as well as a ticket for each modality you’d like to exerpience.
Please text Kristin Wood 831-917-0831 with questions or concerns
We look forward to supporting your healing journey.

A Workshop Using the Tools of Divination to connect with your Intuition

Tricks and Tips for Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom
A Workshop Using the Tools of Divination to connect with your Intuition 

What: This 5.5 hour course will introduce a myriad of divination techniques designed to bring to the surface what your subconscious already knows.
​Some of the modalities we will explore include guided visualization, use of pendulums, story telling and more…
When: November 11, 2017
Where: Santa Rosa
Cost: ​$120
​($110 if you sign up before October 10)

​This Workshop is great for anyone wanting to connect with their intuition/inner wisdom and it will also offer tools for clinicians to facilitate the depth inquiry process

​Please contact Emily Morrison MFT at 707-478-5497 or for more information or register



November 4, 2017 | 9:30am – 12:30pm | The

Wellness Center of Sonoma County | $50

Join psychology and yoga specialist Jenna Griffith in exploring the

different types of stress, anxiety and depression and why treatment is not

a one-size-fits-all. Weaving the ancient wisdom of yoga with current

evidence-based treatments, this workshop offers an introductory glimpse

into how to tailor your own practice or assist others using yoga. Ideal for

professionals or anyone struggling with these issues. Beginners


You will gain:

– A deeper understanding of the neuroscience behind stress, anxiety,

depression and trauma

– A deeper understanding of how yoga and breathwork impact the mind/body

– Safe and effective methods to support mental health with yoga

C o n t a c t J e n n a G r i f f i t h , M . A .

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j e n n a @ j e n n a g r i f f i t h . c o m

w w w . j e n n a g r i f f i t h . c o m

3 Ways To Naturally Get Rid Of Adrenal Fatigue And Thrive

3 Ways To Naturally Get Rid Of Adrenal Fatigue And Thrive

Do you need more energy to keep up with your busy life?

Do you feel like your existing but not LIVING?


It’s time to change all that!


It’s time to get rid of fatigue and sluggishness and THRIVE. These three tips will help you naturally rid your body of adrenal fatigue so you can enjoy energy and wellness


Hi, I’m Monica Bravo

I’m a Board Certified Health and Life Coach, Mama, Yoga Teacher and the founder of the Wellness Center of Sonoma County.

I remember when I felt exhausted. I had adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. My digestion was sluggish after having children. I found solutions that will help you transform you from exhaustion to energetic.

I help busy moms ditch the crazy talk in their head and find acceptance and forgiveness. I assist them in losing the baggage and weight without the hassle of constant dieting. I also help families make over the medicine cabinets with essential oils and natural solutions.


Are you ready to get rid of adrenal fatigue the natural way with these three tips?

I know you are!


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Three Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Adrenal Fatigue and Thrive

It’s time to feel rejuvenated!


With these tips you can learn:

What causes adrenal fatigue

How to feel vital and energetic the natural way

Three ways to finally thrive


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