Your Body Never Lies”: a body language training that can increase our intuitive

The “Your Body Never Lies” (YBNL) Free Intro is a demonstration that shows how intuitive information is gleaned from our inner body language. In this 2-hour free presentation, participants will gain tools to better read others’ body language, and to listen to their own. You are encouraged to bring your questions.

In this short talk and exposition, we will see the correlation between our inner voice and our external body language. YBNL facilitators use this information to identify and release energetic blocks in the body.

Through subtle body language adjustments, volunteers may get to experience a quieter inner voice and an increased sense of connection – the precursors to an expanded intuition.

These transformative results can happen in minutes, and sometimes in just seconds. The outcome of this mini-workshop is an upgraded, grounded sense of connection, both to our intuition and to the world outside of ourselves. Brian is a workshop facilitator, author and personal trainer who specializes in increasing access to intuition. After 25+ years of research and study with masters from the East and West, Brian practiced and refined his work at Harbin Hot Springs until the Valley Fire of 2015. Now based in Sonoma County, Your Body Never Lies offers methods and techniques to let go, and Be Here Now.

Private training sessions with Brian are available following the intro around 4pm. To book a session, please contact Rose at [masked] or[masked]-2325. They are usually 15-20 minute sessions and are $100 Your Body Never Lies website…

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