Ayurveda and Herbalist

Please email for inquiries and complimentary 30 minute introductory appointment to northbayayurveda@gmail.com

Regular appointments:

Intake appointment and a follow up – $100.00 – 90-120 minutes

Follow-up – $50 – 1 hour

4 appointment package – $200

Price of herbs not included

In the first appointment we will go over your health goals, determine your Ayurvedic constitution and causes for current imbalances. Together we will determine the best way to achieve your goals, taking in consideration your personal tendencies, your constitutional tendencies, and your current lifestyle. In the follow-up appointment shortly after, we will check-in about your progress and I will provide you with a plan for the next month that will include dietary and lifestyle guidelines. If required, herbs will be provided in the follow-up as well. In the next follow-up – 1 month later – we will assess your progress and stumbling blocks (if any), adjust dietary and lifestyle guidelines and herbs. After that we will meet every 2-3 months. I will be available by email and phone to answer questions, should any come up, in between appointments.
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