Hatha Yoga with Monica beginning Nov 1st

yoga-pictureHATHA VINYASA BEGINS 11/1


TUESDAY LUNCH BREAK 12:00-12:50 p.m.


Monica Bravo, is an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) and Pilates Trainer. She credits Yoga and Pilates for helping her strengthen her body and open her heart to all things possible. Monica grew up with the understanding that a healthy lifestyle begins with physical movement and teaches the same principle to her two children. 

Connect with Monica Bravo monibravo@att.net


Women’s Group and Belly Dance with Michelle

michelleWomen’s Groups (first group free during October!!!)

(Young Women’s and Adolescents Healing from Divorce Groups forming in the future)

Tuesday Evenings: 6:30 – 7:30 Women’s Group.

7:45 appt. available for massage, personal fitness training, counseling or healing arts.

9:00 – 10:00 Night Meditation Group for clearing stress and to encourage limitless expectations of happiness, healing and fulfillment in life.

Thursday appointments available 9am-1pm. 

Friday evening Belly Dance Class 7:00, first class free during October!!!

Healing Arts

Michelle Love Rutherford will be providing these services at the Wellness Center of Sonoma County @ 418 Aviation Blvd, Suite E, Santa Rosa. Call Michelle for an appointment (707)228-7431.

Michelle has worked in the Healing Arts for over 25 years. And, has seven years of experience working in Mental Health with adolescents. She is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Metaphysical Minister completing a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Dance teacher and Performer for over 20 years. Visit: innermovementfitness.com

  • Holistic Personal Fitness Training $75 for first session, then $50 a session. Specializing in injuries, Emotional patterns blocking change in the body, and body image issues. Background in Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Weights, Exercise Ball, Meditation. The goal is to find more balance within as you get into shape.
  • Belly Dance classes for healing. This approach to teaching helps to heal body image issues and promotes healing of the feminine within. Beginners and all levels of dancers’ welcome. $12 a class.
  • Women’s Groups – addressing issues of: How to receive and still be powerful. Healing the inner child. Manifesting the life, you want. Single Parenting topics. And, many more topics to come. $15 – $10 sliding scale fee per group.
  • Spiritual Counseling; to address healing traumas, painful childhoods, parenting issues, stress and anxiety, finding happiness in life, depression and many other topics. $50 with a sliding scale fee to $30 a session.
  • Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, $70 an hour.
  • Healing Arts sessions and intuitive readings, $40 an hour.


Yoga & Therapy Ball Workshop for Hips and Shoulders

Yoga Therapy Ball Workshop

Tuesday September 20, 2016, 10am-12pm

Wellness Center of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa

Experience the immediate benefits of this simple and effective self-care practice.Yoga therapy balls put the power of self-massage into your own hands. People at every level of fitness or disability will learn specialized ball rolling techniques that help penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into your high-tension areas. Great for triathletes, runners, moms, yogi’s and more.

Therapy Balls Help Relieve:

  • Stiff Neck & Headaches

  • TMJ/Tight Jaw

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Sciatica & Back Pain

  • Tight Hips & Hamstrings

  • IT Band Syndrome

  • Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain

  • … and much more!

$50 workshop fee includes hands-on instruction and a set of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls in a handy tote bag. You will be able to apply what you learn immediately. These Therapy Balls are super portable, so you can take them with you anywhere!

For more info and to sign up, contact Monica Bravo monibravo@att.net or 707.321.9484

How do I use Essential Oils?

You can use oils in different ways. Essential oils can be diffused, applied topically, and ingested.

Diffusing Oils.

Aromatherapy has been utilized for thousands of years to help heal the body. When you inhale the aroma of essential oils, your nervous system experiences a shift through the brain’s limbic system. The shifts that take place have the ability to shift all of the systems within the human body.

Applying Oils Topically.150uses

It has been proven that it takes 26 seconds for any substance to be absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream. When you apply essential oils to your skin, they have an immediate effect on your nervous system. I have used Lavender, Peppermint, On Guard, and Frankincense daily to calm my body, soothe my digestion, combat inflammation, and improve my immune system.

Ingesting them.

Essential oils can be used in cooking, added to a smoothie or green juice, or any delicious recipe you desire. You can also add them to lemon water (lemon oil is great for this). Essential oils can be taken in a capsule as well. Essential oils can support the body to naturally balance, when used properly. Before ingesting oils, it is best that the oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and free from all toxins. Whenever you are making additions to your diet or lifestyle, it is always best to consult your doctor.

Monica Bravo, Nutrition and Life Coach uses doterra essential oils to help easy die off during cleanse, to help with energy, weight loss, viruses and so much more. Please sign up for classes here.  Monica also provides 3o minute strategy sessions and  zytoscan consultations. Contact Monica monibravo@att.net or www.monicabravo.com.