Christine Engblom, CCHT

Christine graduated from UC Berkeley with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is passionate about consciousness and spirituality. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Reiki level 2 Practitioner. 
She uses Reiki and Alchemical Hypnotherapy to facilitates journeys for her clients that give tremendous insight and clarity on their life purpose, next steps and soul history. Each session is unique to the client and is guided by the clients desired outcome. 
Alchemical Hypnotherapy works on a spiritual level to obtain meaningful guidance from higher realms of consciousness. Sessions include past life regression, discovering and clearing the source of emotional pain, discovering and clearing the source of physical pain and ailments, reframing your inner thought patterns to align with your goals, and meeting guides and your higher self to continue the work outside of the session. Traditional sessions include smoking cessation, weight loss, guided visualizations for healing from illness and disease, and exploring source of anxiety or depression.
Christine is very intuitive and uses her own guidance to assist the client in their personal and unique journeys. Her aim with each client is to equip them with knowledge and tools so they feel empowered to continue the healing work outside of the sessions to achieve maximum results. 
Working with the subconscious mind to get at the core of any issue or desire is what Christine’s sessions provide, which then allows for deep healing and long lasting results. 

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