Michelle Aulday

An outspoken advocate for women’s self care, Michelle rises to life’s challenges with insight and a desire to know what lessons are to be learned.

She understands the courage that it takes to reach out for support & guidance. Through her own journey, she began to recognize her own patterns & unhealthy internal dialogue.

Michelle acquired experience in facing difficult situations through diligence and focus to obtain the balance and strength as a single mother of three sons.

She advocates for individuals through her life coaching to create and chart a course of innovative and proactive skills and refined behaviors and attitudes.

She is an excellent listener who is invested in the good of the client to overcome obstacles and barriers through implementing and improving sense of self.

Michelle is enthusiastic and inspirational in sharing her own experience and demonstrates talents to support those she works with. She co-creates an individualized attainable plan to achieve well-being & balance.

Michelle received her certification through Seattle Life Coach Training in 2013. She began her practice in the Pacific Northwest & relocated back home to the Bay Area in 2014.

She is passionate about helping women through all phases of life.

Want to get in touch with Michelle?

Email aulday72@gmail.com or call (360) 840-0411