Restorative Yoga with Tara

Nurturing Nights: Restorative Yoga

Every Tuesday starting May 2nd   6-7:30pm

This class is a deeply therapeutic and rejuvenating session of yoga that is accessible and beneficial for every type of student. Essential oils & various gentle, prop-supported poses will be offered to promote self-healing and whole-body wellness. Truly an elixir for whatever ails you!    $15 Contact Tara today

Weight Loss for Life ~ Ayurvedic Program

Weight Loss for Life: Tuesdays, January 7th-February 18th 6:00-7:00 p.m.

7-Week Ayurvedic Program for Losing Weight & Building a Strong Digestion.

Are you FED UP with Carrying Around Extra Weight?

The heavier you become, the harder it is to find the motivation and energy to either exercise or make the changes to your daily routine that will result in weight loss.

Losing weight has been compared to climbing Mt. Everest, and one of the hardest parts is that you have to go it alone. If results don’t appear in the first week, it’s easy to give up or decide to try again later when you have more time. One look at the scale can unleash discouragement, hopelessness, and shame, a response that extinguishes much of the motivation you tried so hard to create.

Instead of “going it alone,” the Weight Loss for Life Program eases the emotional burden by helping you change your habits in the company of other course participants with the same body type. Our world-renowned coaches in the field of Ayurveda and Weight-Loss will inspire and help you, step by step, to optimize your weight for your body type.

No single Weight Loss Program is effective for Every Person

Most weight loss programs are based upon the premise that reducing caloric intake through dieting and burning calories through exercise is the solution to weight loss. My program is based on a profound understanding of your individual mind-body type, and takes into account the many factors besides caloric intake, which are responsible for your weight gain.

Ayurveda helps you to begin to understand who YOU are, and creates a personalized program based on your own mind-body type, in order to remove imbalances from your physiology and establish your optimum weight.

Poor Digestion Equals Weight Gain!

The Ayurvedic approach to weight loss begins by focusing on strengthening the digestive power of each individual. A careful analysis and comprehensive understanding of your present digestive power, allows us to provide a simple and effective program to gradually increase your digestive power so that your body is able to burn calories and assimilate valuable and essential nutrients.

Toxins and Undigested Food Contribute to Weight Gain and Poor Health

I will teach you a very simple Yogic Cleanse that will result in natural detoxification, and initiate the process of shedding undesirable weight. This program will also help to strengthen your digestive power and your immune system.

Get Addicted to Feeling Great

One of important benefits of my Program is that as your digestion starts to improve and toxins are eliminated, you will naturally begin to feel better. More energy, greater self-confidence, and improved sleep are commonly experience side-benefits, which will help you change your lifestyle and ultimately achieve your long-term weight loss goals.

I’m not saying that you will lose 50 pounds in the first month. We promise, however, that if you follow our program, you will develop new habits that will improve all aspects of your health, and lay the foundation for sustainable weight loss!

Cost: $450 per person

Sign up with Deacon Oakley-Carpenter or 917.217.2796