Tara Garland

Tara is a Registered Yoga Instructor, Wellness Consultant, & Certified AromaTouch Provider. She has a passion for natural healing methods and helping to empower people to have an active role in their own well-being. Inspired by the variety of life, Tara strives to offer an array of yoga routines, enhanced by essential oils, in a safe and inviting environment, for every type of student. She encourages you to allow your body to express each pose, without any self-judgment, according to your individual design.

Through the holistic practices of yoga & essential oils, Tara aims to help everyone find balance throughout their life- body, mind, & spirit.  

She also offers Private Yoga Sessions, Wellness Consultations, & AromaTouch Treatments.

Contact Tara today!!  (707)228-3114   Tara@WildOrchidYoga.net