Veronica Bach, I.R.E, RYT

Expanded States started in 2013. My heart’s service is to assist myself and others in living the gifts of our lives to our highest good by expanding states of awareness and consciousness through transformational technologies called The Portacle and VibraSound, as well as the rich traditions in ancient wisdom teachings of Tibetan Heart Yoga.

My tools include quantum and neuroscience through The Portacle and VibraSound (created by Chemist, Biologist and Neuroscientist Don Estes) to enhance your life in the following ways:

Ease Tension/Obsessive Thinking/Shift Anger into Positive Action

Pre-Surgery Emotional Support to quell Fear

Alleviate Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and PTSD

Focus Thought, help you articulate what you want to create in your life

Manifest Intention through Affirmation using Binaural Phasing Technology

Create Whole Brain Synchrony

Deepen Meditation

Self-Reflect on the synchronicity between what you say vs. how you really feel
Shift from Sympathetic Nervous System into Para-Sympathetic Nervous System

Immersive Musical Experience allows you to gently and easily tap into the Lightness of Being!

More tools: Reverend (ord. 2012), Reiki Master, Compassionate Communications Coach,
Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Chef, Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Ecstatic Dancer, and help care for my Father (doing great on a 100% bioavailable CBD Oil that I sell). I gratefully served hundreds of satisfied clients at Harbin Hot Springs before 9-12-15 and continue to happily rebuild my life in Northern California.

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